12 July, 2024 - Summer Soirée

12 July, 2024 - Summer Soirée

We are thrilled to announce a collaboration between Unisecon and 258pm Salon, showcasing the timeless Issey Miyake collection. This exclusive presentation will be held at the Unisecon store from 12th July to 14th July, offering a rare opportunity to experience and own these unique designs.

At Unisecon, we respect the artistry and philosophy of Issey Miyake, a brand renowned for its cutting-edge design and commitment to originality, and by presenting this collection, we honor the brand’s legacy while sharing it with our community.

To open this special event, we are delighted to feature a live performance by cellist Li Pang on 12th July from 5pm-7pm. Food and drinks will be provided.

This event is fully booked. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Please RSVP below:

Event Highlights:

  • Vintage Issey Miyake Collection: Exclusive at Unisecon Store
  • Dates: 12th July - 14th July
  • Live Cello Performance by Li Pang: 12th July, 5pm-7pm


  • Unisecon Store, 35 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002

We look forward to seeing you there!