Based in New York, UNISECON store opened in spring 2024. Nestled in our downstairs atelier, we craft garments that embody practicality and sustainability, utilizing organic cotton, linen, and recycled fabrics. Our creations are enriched with traditional techniques such as hand pleating, weaving, and collaging, drawing inspiration from rich Chinese cultural heritage and familial legacies.

UNISECON's signature collaging technique is inspired by the traditional "Bai Jia Yi." In ancient times, when a baby was born, the mother would collect fabric scraps from hundreds of family members to create a vest. This vest, worn throughout the baby’s first year, symbolized the gathering of luck and health from the entire family and community.

At the heart of our brand are two visionary designers: Nina, who previously worked with Boris Bijan Saberi, is deeply inspired by meticulous craftsmanship and culturally infused design, aiming to preserve and pass down cherished traditions. Bing, formerly with The Row, specializes in patterns and intricate details, drawing inspiration from personal family experiences and cultural heritage.

Together, they blend innovative design with traditional techniques, underscoring our commitment to sustainable practices. We collaborate with local craftsmen and independent ateliers in China, ensuring that each piece is uniquely crafted with thoughtfulness and love.

Visit our store at 35 Orchard Street in the Lower East Side, Manhattan. Open daily from 12 PM to 7 PM.